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Nigerians Reading for pleasure
Reading for pleasure adds benefits to our mind, body and overall social development. People who shun reading for pleasure are losing out on these core benefits to their health and well being. For example, reading for pleasure has been linked to success and has a direct impact on future life chances
Having looked at the Nigerian reading landscape, we have come to see that there are reading gaps. It is for this reasons that we have taken up the challenge to encourage reading for pleasure among Nigerians using the GrillandRead Platform
 Between August and December 2016, #GrillandRead, a subsidiary of The Speech House International, held four events in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt aimed at encouraging reading for pleasure.  We held another three in 2017, including the GrillandRead Annual Readers Awards. We have made it our mission to encourage Nigerians to read for pleasure using our book reviews, games and quizzes, physical meetups, and book recommendations
Our business is encouraging Nigerians to read for pleasure using fun events and activities.
We are also affiliated to the producers of Diction Avenue, a programme that has been running on Galaxy TV since the Year 2000 and receives hundreds of messages every week from people asking questions and making inquiries on how to improve their reading, written and spoken English. Diction Avenue promotes reading for pleasure.
We have the full support of the super bright mind of our CEO, Speech Craftsman and Reading Motivator, Chris Nkwocha. He is ably supported by Author and Convener of GrillandRead, Abigail Anaba.  Also on board is reader motivator and teacher, Biobele Inko-Tariah.
You can read all about our plans for 2018 in this post.

For sponsorship and partnerships on any of our programmes encouraging reading for pleasure shoot us an email: grillandread@gmail.com 

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