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Books about Knowledge for August Animal farm quiz

On our August reading list, we have George Orwell’s Animal Farm. This book has been named a timeless classic and the happenings on this farm can be likened to the situation in any country where an oppressive system has been replaced by an even more oppressive system in the name of change. Take our Animal Farm quiz and check how much you remember the characters in the book.

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Now, read the clues and see if you can tell the character.

She is a white goat but also a good reader.

He was quite pessimistic and believed the revolution would change nothing.
She is a good-hearted female cart-horse who suspects the pigs of violating one or another of the Seven Commandments.
Napoleon takes these puppies so that he can educate them.
He inspired the revolution but never witnessed it.
He had incredible strength and loyalty. He was a believer who helped complete the building of the Windmill.
After the rebellion, he became leader of the Animal Farm
This bird had tall tales including one about a Sugar Candy Mountain.
He was the poet pig, a praise singer, who penned the new song “Animal Farm, Animal Farm”.
Vain and flighty, she misses wearing ribbons in her mane and eating sugar cubes.

August 4, 2018

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