Book Review- The President’s Daughter

Welcome to a new week of excitement.

This week on our grill is a freshly prepared tasty read. And we are serving it hot.

We are enthused to share with you this emotionally stimulating and thought-provoking read. Out this September, The President’s Daughter by Abigail Anaba.

What would you do if the life of your precious daughter depended on your stealing a mask from the most fortified museum in the world? President Goodman must sanction the unthinkable, break his principles and outsmart his political godfather if his daughter must live.


President Goodman is in a dilemma, his cherished daughter, Angela, is faced with a medical emergency. In a bid to save her life, her father needs to make a sacrifice. To meet the requirements for this sacrifice, the president is forced to commit some acts he is not proud of, things he would never have considered doing otherwise. But what would a father not do to save his daughter?

Other characters that helped the plot unravel were Osas Bishop, who in spite of all the odds has stuck with the president. They have been friends from childhood, and are connected by secrets.

And then there is Rosalind, Angela’s mother who is in the middle of all the drama, torn between her devotion to her husband and her desire to be loved and sexually satisfied. Will she abandon her position as first lady for a man capable of giving her the satisfaction she so desires?

We will let you find out for yourself.

Settings, Style and Language

This work of fiction is set in three continents: Africa, North America and Europe.  The story is weaved around an intricate blend of humour, suspense and thriller. We’d say it was a twist.

Just when we thought Abigail was going to solve the mystery surrounding Angela’s heath, the author tactfully meandered her way through an entirely unexpected story line. You would never have guessed where this story would end.

The author carefully presented what can be called a clear revelation of Nigeria’s political backend, the motive behind many a political decision in the Nigerian political system.

The language is relatively simple and the created a pot pouri of Nigerian Pidgin, British English and even a touch of African American vernacular.   There were also references to pop culture and Nigerianess. Nigerian Jollof put in an appearance as a side dish at mealitime.

The poetic and artistic use of words made this read worth the while. “Rosalind turned towards the sounds but darkness greeted her.” “Her hands had already travelled to her purse before he returned with his decision.” These lines and many others used by the author, are not lines you would expect to read from a book written by just about any Nigerian writer. This is clear evidence of an aesthetic mastery of the English language.

But…. We thought Abigail revealed too early in this read the truth about the paternity of Angela. Not knowing who her birth father was would have spiced up the read as well.

Chef’s Verdict: Four and a half stars

We declare this book delicious. We strongly believe this book will make an excellent movie. We are proud of our own.

And if this book were a song, it would be Duduke by Simi. What better way to describe the love of a parent for their child?   

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September 2, 2020

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