Book Review- The Thing that Came Between Us

This week, we present two stories in one.

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Our book review examines Oluwatobi Adeboyeku’s The Thing That Came Between Us.

We thought the book cover was artfully designed and helped to whet the reader’s appetite on what was to come.


The author tells the story of two families, each with its unique challenges and troubles.

First, in this piece of fiction is Troubled waters where we find Dapo and Morenike, in what can be termed a tale of love gone sour.  What could have made a marriage once strong, enviable and enjoyable deteriorates to a point where a woman can barely tolerate her husband. The way he snores in his sleep or the way he presses the toothpaste tube becomes irritating and annoying? Will the love that brought them together withstand the storm that will hit them on all sides without warning? We will let you find out for yourselves.

Our second story in this read is titled Obsession, where the author reveals how an obsession nearly ruined the marriage of Fred and Monica. Find out what saved their union and the sacrifices each had to make.

Language Settings and Style

The language is easy to read and remember, short and concise.

Both stories capture the hurdles married couples face and how they must work to restore and retain love and friendship in their union.

The author combined both descriptive and narrative style of writing presented in simple English to stimulate the interest of readers and provide real-life lessons. The reader had sufficient time to meditate on lessons learnt instead of struggling with high sounding terminologies.

Also, the stories and the lessons therein aren’t just for married couples. There are many nuggets of wisdom hidden in them that single ones can glean from in preparation for marriage.

Both stories are set in Lagos, Nigeria. We believe this adds to the appeal that the events presented, even though fictitious, are not far from home.


We thought that Adeboyeku did not fully develop. The author acted as a cook with a variety of ingredients but did not allow sufficient time for the ingredients to cook. She appeared more eager to just teach lessons than to entertain. We also found some expressions unnecessarily repetitious. For example, the phrase “missing an accident by a whisker” appeared three times in this book. We would expect that the author should use different words to present her thoughts instead of just harping on the same expression over and over again.

And if this book were a well-written song, it would be Onyeka Owenu’s You and I, for, despite all the odds, marriage was meant to last for life.

We score this book two and a half stars.

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September 24, 2020

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