Cheers to a Bookilicious 2018!

It’s just about two weeks to 2018 and about that time we begin to make resolutions for the year. We are here to remind you that 2018 is your year to read and get wiser! We will also be here to give you tips on what to read and how to get what to read.

So what’s our plan for 2018?

Here’s what to expect from GrillandRead.

2018 Reading Challenge


January: Inspiration                       February: Love                                  March: Compassion      

April: Truth                                         May: Awareness                              June: Justice

July: Curiosity                                   August: Knowledge                        September: Reflections                

October:  Happiness                       November: Tolerance                    December: Giving



Our theme for 2018 is “Reading as a Force for Social Change”. We are all interested in social change. No matter what creed or ideology you subscribe to, no one should be content with just sitting at a spot year in year out. But, how would you even know what to change if you don’t know what needs changing? What really births new thoughts and ways of doing things? It starts with knowledge.

You can acquire knowledge through travel. When you visit other cultures, you will see other ways of doing things and be able to compare them with the ways you know and then make deductions. But travelling costs money and you just may not have enough to make that trip around the world like you have always wanted. So, what is a low budget way of making that trip? You guessed right…read a book. And we will adjust that to: read the right types of books.

Every month we have a theme which we hope will inspire along on the path of change.

In this regard, every month we have a theme which we hope will inspire along on the path of change. For when a group of people change the way they think about things then we will have a changed community. Our monthly themes will help you in choosing what book to read and becoming the change you want to see.

Our readcommends will include works of fiction, nonfiction and poetry.  We hope to crawl the web to find you free books to read but don’t forget to put away a little something each month to buy books. If you love e-books, then you may want to download apps like Okadabooks or booklifyng which stock both free and paid for Nigerian books.

In addition, we will be keeping our promise to post one blog post every month to inspire you to read. Watch out for our monthly updates and freebies! Yes, 2018 is that year when you get to win two free books on us every month. What better way to get you on the path to reading.

We will all be looking forward to October, the month for the Annual GrillandRead Book Party. The 2018 edition for Lagos will be a 2 day event culminating in the GaRARA Awards. Watch out for mid-January when we send out the nominations call! Remember, the only way to get your favourite to win is to get their names in the nominee list!

What other states will we be visiting this year? We have our eyes on Ibadan, Enugu and Abuja! Announcements will be made in due time.

Let’s kick things off with our Readcommends for January!

January Theme: Inspiration

January is the month to inspire yourself to have a great year. So we have to start things off upbeat.

If you love satire then we introduce to you this 250 year old book. Yes, you read right! The book was published in 1759. This 98 page book titled Candide by Voltaire can be read in one sitting. How else are we going to remind you to be the change you want to see. You can get the book on Amazon for $4. It ships to Nigeria!!!   Or you can send us an email here for a PDF version.

If you prefer non-fiction, then we readcommend Eat, Pray, Love… One Woman’s Search for Everything by Elizabeth Gilbert. A woman’s tale of her trip around the world after her divorce and what she learnt along the way. We promise this is a great book to add to your reading list. You can get the book here for $12.27

And for lovers of poetry, we come back to Nigeria and we present Ben Okri’s ‘Wild’. The collection has been described as “poems reconfigure the human condition in unusual light”.  It is also available on Amazon for $15.04. You can go deeper and read an interview Mr Okri gave on his book here.

Rest assured, we are interested in your reading progress. Why not tell us what inspiring book you will be reading in January in the comments section. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to see updates from the books we are reading this month!

Have a bookilicious 2018!

December 18, 2017

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