Is it March already?

How did your reading plan for February go? Did you complete any of the recommended books – Wine and Water, Odufa or Clinical Blues? If you did, you would have read about the warm and light and the dark and not so lovely side of love. A good balance, wouldn’t you say?


It’s time to march into the month of compassion. The month we focus on being sympathetic to the suffering of others. Compassion is not a very common quality in today’s world. But, readers are said to be very compassionate people. This is because they can easily put themselves in the position of the characters in the book and feel what they feel.

This March, we are asking you to resurrect that superpower with these books that teach compassion. The books are about people who overcame adversity in their lives. As you read, try to empathize with the characters and see things from their perspective.

March is also the month when we celebrate International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day, so we have picked books with female characters.

Here is the list we put together:

  1. Wrecked by Dumebi Ezar Ehigator is about Anaya Rufai, Hauwa Laraba, and Kuku. Four women who face tribulations in their lives and their journeys through the pain.

  1. A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini which focuses on two female characters; Mariam, an illegitimate child facing abuse in her marriage and Laila, who accepts a marriage proposal from Mariam’s husband, Rasheed.

We hope you enjoy reading these books.


Do share your March reading list with us in the comments section.

March 11, 2018

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