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July is coming to an end but we still want you to stay curious about amazing facts about Nigeria. Have you had the chance to read Pelu Awofeso’s Tour of Duty? Yes? No? Well, ready or not here we come! What do you know about Nigeria?

If you have read this book, you would have learned some amazing facts about Nigeria. Things that you can only see through the eyes of a skilled travel writer who has put down his thoughts in a book.

Why not attempt this quiz and see why you should read more if you can’t travel more.

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#1 Back in the day, in this community, masquerades were used to get people to go to church.

#2 Nigeria has the highest number of slaves shipped from Africa. What percentage of slaves came from Nigeria

#3 What is the second most important business in Bayelsa State, Nigeria?

#4 There are fabled moving mountains in this Nigerian State.

#5 Vincent Enyeama, Uwem Ekarika and Etim Esin are all famour footballers from this Nigerian state.

#6 This Nigerian alcoholic beverage can cure malaria.

#7 The game of football was fist played where in Nigeria?

#8 Which state has the longest coastline in Nigeria?

#9 This Hill in Ilorin is also called ‘The Height of Devotion”.

#10 You will find the neglected Museum of Cultural History in this State.

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July 22, 2018

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