Literary Snob? See How Well the Shoe Fits

Literary snob

There is a drop of snobbishness in all of us. We often reject people and ideas based on our culture or upbringing.  But, did you know you could that person who believes that their tastes in books are superior to those of other people?

You may not know, but we are here to set things straight!

There are types of books we love and those we don’t rate. And we may be knowingly or unknowingly judging people by their book cover.

Take this quiz to find out how much of a literary snob you are.

Welcome to  How Much of a Literary Snob are you?

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Go ahead and choose the answer that best describes your feelings towards the scenario presented.

You know all the winners of the Nobel Prize in Literature from 1901 to 2018. All 110 times. Bonus points, you know the 2018 edition has been postponed.
Anyone who crumples pages or makes dog ears on books deserves to be placed in the hottest part of a fiery place...or worse. What Sacrilege!
Everyone is talking about how amazing Nze Silva's book is, but it is an e-book. You think, if it was a  really good book then it will come in paper. You can't be a reader if you are not a book sniffer.
How can any serious person be reading YA or Romance? What exactly is genre literature? Please give me some literary writing or classic.
You already own all the stunning reissues of Half of a Yellow SunPurple HibiscusThe Thing Around Your Neck and Americanah. Every serious reader should. You are subscribed to 20 book collector sites for this purpose.
When you heard L’Engle’s 1963 classic A Wrinkle in Time, was going to be made into a movie, you knew you wouldn't go see it. No movie can ever be better than the book.
Your friends are talking about, the unconventional book bloggers. You roll your eyes. Who are those ones again? All these book bloggers should just go drown in the Atlantic.
You have all the Literary Festival's sites bookmarked. How can you not be at Ake in October? In fact, you will be at LABAF and every other book festival. This is how to support literature.
Anyone who visits you gets a tour of your personal library. They have to see your most prized possessions, neatly stacked in the shelves.
When the title of a book is mentioned, you want to know if it is in a best seller list or has won a literary award before you touch it.


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