Can You Name the Fairy-tale Characters Using the Clues Provided?

Fairy-tales! Fairy-tales! Everyone loves fairy tales. But how good is your knowledge of fairy-tales? How many stories have you read? Can you remember the characters? Here is a ten question quiz to test your knowledge of fairy-tales. See if you qualify to be called a fairy-tale godmother!

See you at the finish line!!!


Great job! You have earned the wand of the Fairy God Mother!

Oh dear! What a bummer! You need some pixie dust to make you fly!

#1 This cat is so fashionable he has his own footwear.

#2 Born in a barnyard, he suffered abuse from those around him.

#3 He would have the queen’s baby if she couldn’t tell his name.

#4 He escaped all pursuers but ended up in the jaw of the fox.

#5 He found a wonderful lamp

#6 He is always called Charming

#7 Hair so long it served as a ladder

#8 He can fly but never grows

#9 He had a little wooden boy called Pinochio

#10 She is an imaginary author

Congratulations, you crossed the finish line!


July 22, 2018

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