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13 hours


How you got to know about the book

Someone shared a link to books that will be made into movies in 2016 the #GrillandRead Reading Support  Group and this book was one of them.


Name of Author

Mitchell Zuckoff.


Book genre 

Historical Action


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Book Summary

It is about the inside account of what happened In Benghazi on September 11th, 2012 when a diplomatic compound was attacked by Islamist militants. The author got information from the officials on ground and the Special Forces guys that fought that night.


Why do you like the book? 

What I enjoyed about the book was that the author didn’t choose sides or form an opinion on what the American govt did right or wrong that day. It was an event that divided opinion in political circles but the author stuck to narrating the events as seen by eyewitnesses and to tell their tale of courage and selfless service.


More on the story…

The book began by giving a brief history of Libya. How poor leadership under Gaddafi had led to a revolution. It was said that when Libya discovered oil, Gaddafi took the proceeds of oil (which came from Benghazi) to build up Tripoli. I could relate it to Nigeria. The book then talked about the involvement of America in Libyan politics. They helped oust the Gaddafi govt but things got out of hand because there was no proper hand-over. Libya suffered the aftermath of civil war. Being awash with weapons, they were people given to violence. Militias sympathetic to ISIS started gaining prominence. America slowly started getting unpopular. This led to the attack on one of its diplomatic compounds that resulted in the death of the ambassador during the night of his visit to Benghazi. The building was defended by only  about 6 GRS staff (ex-special forces guys) against about 50 attackers with heavy weapons in different waves of attacks. They didn’t get much support but we’re able to save the lives of so many Americans that night.


Other comments

Let’s just say I wasn’t pro-Clinton after reading it. Not because of the author’s sentiment because he had none, but because they surely played politics with that event. Obama was running for second term at that time, Clinton was his Secretary of State. I’ll stop here.


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Gold plated silver

December 6, 2016

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