Why you Need to Build a Reading Routine for 2018

There are two types of people on earth or maybe three but I would much rather talk about two: Those who plan their daily activities and those that don’t. Research has shown that those who work with a plan usually accomplish more daily and have more free time than those who don’t.

When you make plans or build routines, you probably think in terms of making work plans or creating a budget for how to spend money. Few of us actually think of the importance of budgeting our time into activities that will build us up and make us into better versions of ourselves.

This blogpost will show you how you can save up time, no matter how busy you are for an activity that will make you a better social, political and spiritual conscious person come 2018.  But before we talk about how you can build this routine, let’s answer the more pertinent question, why?

Routine is defined as a sequence of actions regularly followed. It is activity performed as part of a regular procedure rather than for a special reason. If there is any activity that you should be engaged in spontaneously, that will bring you peace of mind, it should be reading.

When you wake in the morning, your routine could possibly be picking up your phone and going through Facebook or Instagram posts or catching up with news on Twitter. You may not realise this but in doing this you are setting yourself up for heartbreak. You will see pictures of people you wish you were like or run into some bad news that has gone viral. Why do you want to set yourself up like that?

Read a book…

There are so many inspiring books that you can find that will prove motivational in the morning. Especially, you will find that reading biographies of people who have worked in your industry can get your day off to a good start. Even if you choose to read fiction, you will find yourself traveling to places you have never been and dreaming dreams.

Also, we face daily issues and sometimes we find ourselves spending so much time trying to figure out how to solve them. You can find answers in reading. When you read you get time to really think about what you are reading without getting too involved personally. You will find that you have healthier relationships with people.

Reading also gives you times to relax and enjoy some me time. When you read in this way, pair up your reading with a snack you enjoy. Or a nice cool drink. You will find yourself well rested after this activity.

This reminds us that we need to create time, create a routine of when to read.

Some have found that waking up a little earlier, maybe 30 minutes earlier to read a book has helped them.

For others, reading last thing at night has left them relaxed enough to have a soothing night’s sleep and sweet dreams.

Yet others, create time during the day to do some reading. They take advantage of downtimes during the day to do a bit of reading.

As we enter 2018 and you begin to create your routines, it will be in your best interest to include reading. If you can spend just 30 minutes a day reading, that will give you about three and a half hours a week and 186 hours in a year. If you spend six hours reading an average book you would have read thirty books at the end of 2018 using this formula. Even if you choose to spend just half that time you will be reading at least one book every month for the whole of next year.

Do you not think this is worth a try?

November 13, 2017

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